УKrukov wagon worksФ JSC, Kremenchug, Ukraine (2006-2007)


     Our company has executed a complex of works on reconstruction of a boiler (type “—-35 st.є 3) with its steam capacity increase from 35 t/hour up to 50 t/hour. Boiler basic elements have been also replaced:

Х            a boiler drum, including separation equipment;

Х            a boiler combustion chamber, together with burners;

Х            a boiler super-heater, including steam cooler.

     WeТve applied modern decisions during new unitsТ development: combustion chamber is structurally designed with more compact arrangement of furnace pipes that has increased their heat exchange and has allowed raising of the radiant heat exchange at furnace existing dimensions.

     The modern burners are applied, allowing functioning of the boiler in three modes:

Х            natural gas combustion;

Х            black oil combustion;

Х            gas and black oil combustion.

     Application of the modern decisions has allowed improving boiler productivity on 15 t/h, and the efficiency on 3 %.

     Detailed design is developed according to requirements of the standard documentation and taking into account wagon works specificity. Actually, we made a renewed boiler equipped with modern automatics from obsolete and physically worn out equipment.

     In connection with long previous operation of the boiler (over 40 years), our company executed expert inspection of the boiler elements remaining for the subsequent operation: a casing, water economizer, air heater.

     On the basis of the executed work complex on diagnostics of the boiler elements, decision of a commission of experts has been received. It enables to run a boiler within 20 years but under the condition of preventive maintenance execution. Thus, the executed boiler reconstruction with replacement of the worn out elements and control of the elements metal condition allowed prolonging a boiler resource with simultaneous improvement of its technical and economic characteristics.

     A number of the new original technical decisions, allowed providing of the boiler productivity improvement has been applied during boiler reconstruction.

     Together with boiler elements almost all auxiliaries have been replaced, including:

·         draft systems (the fan and smoke exhauster with electric motors);

·         boiler pipelines (feed, a steam line, auxiliary lines);

·         an electric equipment (cases, control panels, actuator electric drives and cables);

·         instrumentations and automatics (meters of temperature, pressure and underpressure, consumption, level; automatic regulators; control means, protection and alarm systems). All boiler control boards (panels) are also replaced.

     Our company carried out commissioning of the boiler and also ecological thermotechnical and thermochemical tests which confirmed the rightness of the made technical decisions.

     After execution of complex of commissioning and balancing we got operating documents:

·         reconstructed boiler operation scheme;

·         boiler chemistry conditions diagram.

     Thus, the boiler is supplied with the necessary set of manuals and technical documents, allowing organizing normal operation over the range of the required loads.

     The customer positive review is received.