Novoiavorovsk thermal power plant, «Energiya-Novoiavorovsk Ltd.», Novoiavorovsk, LТvov region, Ukraine (2007-2008)


     In an existing boiler-house installation of a gas-turbine unit UGT-16 with the gas turbine made by "Zaria-Mashproekt", and also auxiliaries and pipelines is executed:

Х   water pipelines and water coolers;

Х   internal and external gas pipelines;

Х   gas step-up compressor made by УFrunze SPAФ;

Х   steam pipelines and steam heaters.

     «Interenergo SPC» also made all auxiliary pipelines and assembled them before installation. Manufacturing was executed in full conformity with Rules of the Construction and Operation Safety of steam and hot water pipelines.

     Adjustment of all mounted equipment including oil system is executed and it has allowed providing of the timely commissioning of the whole unit. Well organized work of several organizations on the starting object has yielded a positive result on maintenance of technical indicators of the Ukrainian manufactured gas-turbine unit.

     The basic technical characteristics of the unit:

·   nominal electric power -15 900 kW;

·   thermal power - 27 040 kW;

·   efficiency - 31%;

·   gas consumption - 5 320 m3/h.

     UGT - 16 000 is a modernized engine structurally concerning the second generation. High reliability, simplicity in service, 60 thousand hours life, and also an optimum parity of cost and quality makes it very attractive to Customers.

     Since March, 2008 unit has been in commercial operation.