“Scientific Production Association ”Pavlograd Chemicals Plant” PE,

Pavlograd, Ukraine (2007 – 2008)



     For this enterprise our company is executing a complex of works on a construction of the "mini" trigeneration power plant for a covering of own needs in the electric power, heat and cold with following technical characteristics of each unit:

·         electric power - 580 kW;

·         thermal power generation - 556 kW;

·         cold generation - 350 kW.

     As base units we used gas-piston engine made by "DEUTZ" (model of TCG 2016 V12) and refrigerating machine made by "York". «Interenergo SPC» is executing the following complex of works:

·      the whole unit designing;

·      development of a new original construction of the thermal utilizer, working on high temperature organic thermal liquid (Terminol 72) t=1600C;

·      development of the unique system of the simultaneous use of heat and cold in technological processes;

·      equipment manufacturing and assembling;

·      putting into operation of the whole equipment complex and guarantee tests.

     Power stations are constructed for maintenance of a continuous electrical supply of the first category plant objects.

     The unit «Deutz TCG 2016 V 12 K» is arranged in the separate noise- and soundproofing factory assembled container.

     Natural gas is used as a fuel. It is supplied through a gas pipeline (diameter 150 mm) with the maximal consumption 150 nm3/h. For maintenance of the natural gas pressure a gas-regulating unit is arranged in front of a gas-piston genset (100Mbar).

     Gas-piston genset Deutz TCG 2032 V 16 is delivered together with «Total Electronic Management» (TEM) system which provides control and supervision over all functions of the gas engine, and also auxiliary units in one block.

     «TEM» system regulates and optimizes the processes of the fuel burning in cylinders, provides the optimum and reproduced operation parameters of the engine at all operational modes using «Deutz Energy» controller. In accordance with the technological checking circuit developed by «Interenergo SPC», with the circuits of automatic control, remote-control and signaling, automation pane is foreseen. It is additionally delivered by the Ukrainian manufacturer.

     Automation of a safe and reliable work of the thermal utilizer ТУВОТ-0,3 developed by «Interenergo SPC» is integrated in the gas-piston genset control system through a controller "GE Funuk".

     All works are executed by «Interenergo SPC» on the «turn key» basis.