“Krukov wagon works” JSC, Kremenchug, Ukraine (2007-2009)


     Introducing power saving technologies into industrial enterprises of Ukraine, Interenergo Company has carried out "turn-key" construction of a gas-piston power station (electric capacity 8 MW). The general project is executed on the basis of 3 gensets (general capacity 12 MW).

     As the capital equipment gensets of German firm MWM TCG2032V16 (unit capacity 4 MW) were chosen. Interenergo SPC cooperates with MWM GmbH on territories of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

     According to the Customer’s instructions Interenergo developed and applied the steam thermal scheme with integration into existing networks of thermal power station of "Krukov wagon works" JSC.

     Design department of Interenergo SPC developed waste heat boilers behind gensets with parameters of recirculated water Р=60kgs/cm2 and Т=2200С that allows to use waste heat of power station for the needs of the enterprise all-the-year-round.

     Also it is necessary to notice that today TCG2032V16 gensets are the most powerful pas-piston gensets in Ukraine.

     Power station installation allowed to significantly economize funds of the enterprise on purchase of the electric power from an external network, and also to make thermal energy production for technological needs cheaper.

     Interenergo SPC executed all works qualitatively and in time. Also together with the Customer all necessary coordination procedures have been executed.

     Execution of the whole work complex allows to increase reliability and profitability of thermal and electric power supply of the enterprise, both for own needs, and for the city.

     Cogeneration power plant designed by Interenergo SPC for "Krukov wagon works" JSC won first place in "TOP-100. Power efficiency" competition performed by National Agency of Ukraine on Ensuring of Efficient Use of Energy Resources Management.

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