“Company “Zakhidbudinvest” JSC, L’vov region, Ukraine (2008-2009)


      Interenergo SPC. made a detailed design of the gas-piton cogeneration power plant 15664 kW that consists of 4 units «Deutz TCG 2032V16» and is situated in village Murovane, L’vov.

      Power station construction is going to be in a new building, thus gas-piston gensets are established on a mark of 0,000 mm in a noise isolated premise.

      Delivery of electric power from generator connectors is to the buses of the projected gas-distributing unit 6kW.

      Each gas-piston genset evolves, together with exhaust gases and at cooling of the engine jacket, 4090kW of thermal energy which is utilized due to installation of КУВ – 2,0 heat utilizer developed by «Interenergo SPC» behind each genset in which network water is heated up to 105 0С.

      Natural gas is used as a fuel for plant and it moves from a high pressure gas pipeline Р=1,1 MPa, diameter 500mm.

      Pressure of natural gas before plant is 8 Mbar, maximum mass gas consumption on four units is 3928 mm3/h. A gas-regulating station (GRS) with pressure regulator РДГ 50- н (м) is established for keeping of the natural gas pressure.

      Gas-piston genset Deutz TCG 2032 V 16 is delivered together with «Total Electronic Management» (TEM) system which provides control and supervision over all functions of the gas engine, and also auxiliary units in one block, with application of the «Deutz Energy » controller.

      Cogeneration power plant is a mean of electric power generation by three 3-phase generators type АVК DIG150м/6. Each generator generates power of 3916 kW. Generated voltage is 6.3 kV.