“Alchevsk metallurgical works” JSC, Alchevsk, Ukraine (2008)



     «Interenergo SPC» made a design of a starting steam pipeline from operating thermal power plant of an industrial complex to a projected combined-cycle plant, including reducing cooling unit 70/30-65 (RCU). Its general length on industrial complex territory is about 1500m, besides - 100m on territory of thermal power plant, the base diameter of pipes is 325х19mm, steel grade - 20.

     This project has a peculiarity - a combined RCU was designed, allowing operating both from the average pressure boiler units, and from the high pressure boiler units. Designing became complicated because of establishment of the pipeline on platforms for blast-furnace gas pipelines of a big diameter, designed by "Giprostal’" institute, and also because of a presence on industrial complex territory of many various communications on a way of a steam pipelining. Steam line designing is executed according to the Rules of Construction and Safe Operation of Steam and Hot Water Pipelines. Strength calculations were carried out under the specialized program.

     Designing was carried out taking into account possible manufacturing of the steam lines basic elements by the Ukrainian manufacturers, including bent pipeline sections.

     Combined RCU can be also made and completed basically by production of the Ukrainian manufacture.

     The designed steam pipeline is examined by the Customer and placed in manufacture.

     The mounted steam line is a part of a construction complex of a combined cycle gas-turbine power station 303МW on the base of a gas-turbine engine "Mitsubishi".

     Under the contract with Kharkov Institute "Energoproject" we made the operating documentation of coke gas pipelines and fuel gas pipelines framework for power project with steam and gas cycle 303MW on technology of Japanese company "Mitsubishi".

     The following operating documentation is developed:

  •      coke gas pipelines Ø1020, 720, 426mm;
  •      fuel gas pipelines framework (blast-furnace and converter gases) Ø 2620x10mm.
  •      The project is executed according to «Safety rules for a gas supply facility of the ferrous metallurgy enterprises». All elements that are necessary for manufacturing, assembling and operation of pipelines are developed:

  •      templates for a marking of pipes and apertures;
  •      pipelines fastenings to the building units (feet, suspension brackets, yokes);
  •      hydroshutters with pipelines, blowing-off candles, auxiliary pipelines and (drainage, water and nitrogen supplies);
  •      thermal isolation.
  •      Realization of the developed project allows providing of the fuel gases delivery to abuilding station.