"ARGO Ltd.", Rudnevo village, Sumy region, Ukraine (2005 - 2006)


     The detailed design of a boiler-house reconstruction of "ARGO Ltd." is executed and applied, Rudnevo village, in a groats production shop.

     The project foresees modernization and installation of a boiler type КЕ-2,5-9 with ГМ-2,5 burner. The boiler is designed for generation of a necessary quantity of saturated steam for technological needs on buckwheat peelings burning and natural gas for lighting. Installation of a new boiler is carried out in a building built-on to an existing building of a boiler-house.

     Project is developed in the following parts:

·         engineering;

·         mechanical;

·         constructional;

·         heating and ventilation;

·         fuel supply;

·         ash removal;

·         control equipment;

·         electro-supply;

·         labour protection and safety measures.

     The project foresees the decisions directed on saving of heat and fuel. The detailed design is developed according to requirements of the operating normative documentation and taking into consideration a specificity of the agrarian enterprise. The developed project has been completely implemented, thus the existing boiler-house has undergone full re-planning and reconstruction:

  • deaerating-feed plant is transferred;
  • chemical water purification is replaced on a new one that has an improved productivity;
  • considerable part of pipelines of a boiler-house is replaced.

     The standard coal boiler type КЕ-2,5-9 designed for fuel-bed firing has undergone modernization "on the move", thus buckwheat peelings burning is organized in velocity aerated layer with installation of an additional fan.

     Air-feeding by two streams is organized for effective buckwheat peelings burning.

     The above said design enables stable burning of buckwheat peelings in quantity 0,67/0,74 t, providing generation of the saturated steam with pressure 7/9 kgs/cm2 in quantity 3/3,3 t/h, that meets the needs of production in technological steam of the specified parameters.

     At the same time the efficiency is provided at a level of 74-76 %, i.e. within the limits of values for that kind of fuel.

     Executed measurings of harmful emissions have shown that due to optimization of a fuel burning process in a boiler, the permissive level of emissions (of CO and NOх) is provided. Removal of combustion gases is carried out in an existing chimney 25 m height and 530mm diameter that provides normal dispersion of harmful substances.

     The boiler is equipped by necessary quantity of the monitoring instruments which provide normal operation of protection circuits and the signal system of a boiler.

     As a result of the executed complex of adjustment works, boiler normal operation according to the design objectives is provided.

     Thus, at rather small expenses, a standard boiler of a line production has been modernized "on the move" during assembling that has provided high efficiency of this measure, especially taking into account possibility of secondary fuel burning.