"Energiya-Podol'ya" Enterprise, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine (2006)



Power plant has been constructed on the basis of PG 1250В gas-piston engine. Design and engineering documentation has been developed and in-line equipment has been supplied namely hot-water boiler and delivery water heater. 12 months unit commercial operation confirmed a correct selection of the made technical decisions.


Technical characteristic of the boiler:



1.       Heating efficiency, MW (Gcal/h) 0.7(0.6)

2.      Water pressure on the boiler outlet, MP (kg/cm2) 0.47(4.7)

3.      Temperature chart, 0C 74-80

4.      Heating area, m2 74.4

5.      Coefficient of efficiency, % 76.1

6.      Overall dimensions, mm 3570 х 1400 х 1000

7.      Metal mass under pressure, kg 3500


Boiler design description:

ТУВ-0,6 waste-heat boiler is a fire-tube boiler, horizontal formatted, building-block gasproof designed with drainable heating area.

Boiler consists of a convection bank in a cylindrical casing ?920mm, in-line and out-line gas pipelines and bypass valve on the gas-intake unit and supporting structure.

A primary element of the boiler is convection bank. Heating area is 74.4 m2.

Convection bank structure secures free movement direction of the bank following the thermal expansions.

Aerodynamic resistance of the waste gas circuit from motor-generator set up to an output from a chimney at operation on a nominal mode is 2000 P.


The brief description of device and principle of ТУВ-0,6 heat utilizer operation:

-0,6 heat utilizer (further - ТУВ) is installed forward of a gas generator. ТУВ consists of

·               ТУВ convective package with gas passes, bypass valve and pipelines within the heat utilizer;

·               combined case (electrotechnical and control equipment).