Engineering design of a housing estate centralized power supply,

Cheliabinsk, Russia, cogeneration power plant

     A contract design of the housing estate centralized power supply is executed for municipal services of Chelyabinsk.

     The project executed by «Interenergo SPC» allows solving a power supply problem in a complex, taking into account dynamics of the housing estate construction, and also allows providing systematic and rational financing of under construction objects.

     Development of the basic scheme of housing estates electrical supply in the central area of Chelyabinsk with prospect of the own electrical supply source application (mini heat and power plant) is executed by request of "Stroykom" Ltd.:

Х        analysis of existing design decisions, adaptation and integration as a part of the new project;

Х        operating modes of network area, an external electrical supply, dynamics of networks development;

Х        mini heat and power plant construction, parallel work with a network;

Х        modernization of the cogeneration boiler-houses;

Х        financial analysis of the mini heat and power plant construction project.

     Necessity of work is caused by time lag in designing of building area, and perspective development of the adjoining network area electrical supply system of, providing of 110/10 kV to the building area. Arising deficiency of the electricity does not cover any of an external electrical supply nearby object 110/10 kV.

     As the building area is power scarce not only on an electric power demand, but also on demand of thermal power consumption, - possibility of the mini heat and power plant construction is considered. It represents cogeneration power station on the basis of five gas-piston gensets 2 ћW. Mini heat and power plant and two existing cogeneration boiler-houses will represent the uniform power centre having the common auxiliaries and communications.

     Design decisions:

Х        provide a reliable electrical supply as from two basic sources, and from the third one Ч mini heat and power plant;

Х        consider dynamics of the area building, operating modes of electric and thermal networks with integration into them mini heat and power plant and without it (before decision-making on its construction).

     The made financial analysis of mini heat and power plant construction and the analysis of project sensitivity confirms investment appeal of creation of a local power economy for the commercial and civil consumers supply. It is shown that in comparison with a variant of payment for the additional power, the big profitability and capitalization of investments is provided.

     On the basis of the executed development works, creation of the unified technique is possible allowing further to accelerate the similar problems solving, invariably emerged at housing estates fast-speed construction in the large megacities.