Reconstruction of the heating supply system of PJC "Dneprovagonmash"

to ensure off-line operation of the plant's energy department

At PJC "Dneprovagonmash", Dneprodzerzhinsk, the complex of works on reconstruction of the existing heating supply system has been done, because thermal energy resources (a mixture of combined coke-oven and blast-furnace gases and steam) were no longer received from a nearby factory and because of the transition to autonomous heating supply system. At the same time the whole existing heating supply system of industrial and administrative buildings and premises has been subjected to reconstruction:

- In the main plant's boiler station the morally and physically worn-out steam boiler (type ШБ -A7) was replaced for three back boilers type КСВа -3, 15 "ECO" with a total capacity of 9.45 MW;

- In the timber-dryer's premise the furnace with two boilers installation type "NOVELLA RAI" has been built;

- In the ventilating equipment workshop (in furnace) a single back boiler "NOVELLA RAI" has been installed;

- In the railway workshop's premise a furnace with two boilers installation has been organized.

All reconstructed objects now work to combust natural gas, requiring, in its turn, to change the gas supply system of the plant.

In addition to these works, a partial reconstruction of the factory heating systems has been carried out, which allowed to optimize heat flow, to rationalize equipment loading, and thereby to provide energy savings.

The main plant's boiler and furnace stations are maximum automated, making it possible to ensure the equipment operation by the minimum of field personnel. Mentioned above complex of works has allowed PJC "Dneprovagonmash":

- To provide energy savings;

- To achieve energy independence from energy suppliers.