Utilization of anti-personnel mines PFM-1

SE RIC "Pavlograd chemical plant"

Within the framework of the international program "Partnership for Peace" Ukraine - NATO with NAMSA on comprehensive utilization of anti-personnel mines PFM-1, which are unfit for further use, "Interenergo SPC" has designed and implemented a "turnkey" technology of thermal and chemical decontamination of products utilization of anti-personnel mines PFM-1 for the State еnterprise "Research-industrial complex "Pavlograd chemical plant" (SE RIC PCP).

The above mentioned technology is based on the equipment of our own design, our own production and use in the project of foreign-made equipment, in particular dry filters for neutralization of Caldo (UK).

Interenergo's technology of thermal and chemical decontamination, which the company has developed and implemented, provide not only clean emissions after utilization of munitions lower than MPC, but also receive up to 1.25 Gcal of utilized heat in the form of hot water to increase energy efficiency of energy resources use at the SE RIC "Pavlograd chemical plant".