"Makeevka metallurgical works" CJSC, Makeevka,Ukraine (2006)

Repair of the ТП-150 boiler with modernization

     Works "on a turn-key basis" on repair and modernization of ТП-150 boiler (st.№ 1) are finished. Our company has executed replacement of the burners with side dashers' change, air heater and water economizer replacement, installation of two self-regulating multifuel flat-flame burners for simultaneous burning of the blast-furnace, coke and natural gases providing reliable and economic operation of the boiler at any ratio of fuel gases. Temperature regulation of the superheated steam is carried out by change of a burner position on fire chamber height. The burner is equipped with protective striking device (type ЗЗУ-ОМС-4А-УФЦ-500) and with control devices of the pilot and basic flame of the burner. On application of the specified burners we have thermotechnical effect and also decrease of the harmful emissions in atmosphere

     Together with installation of the self-regulating multifuel flat-flame burners the following is provided: increase of the boiler operation efficiency, optimization of the fuel burning process, superheated steam temperature stabilization (due to self-regulation of the flames position on fire chamber height) and decrease of a low-temperature corrosion of the tail heating surfaces.

     The executed complex of works on the boiler modernization during the capital repair has allowed to save resources and to bring boiler to an efficient condition that is very important in thermal power station of the metallurgical works, where equipment is outmoded and physically depreciated. During boiler capital repair, all convective heating surfaces have been replaced.

     Full renewal of instrumentations and automatics with installation of the new and more modern ones is simultaneously executed that has raised reliability and safety of the boiler operation. At the completion of a work complex, ТП-150 boiler (st.№ 1) was the most reliable and renovated at thermal power plant. It has allowed covering of requirements of the plant for thermal energy and blast-furnace blast throughout a long period.

     Thus, by the example of the present boiler it was once again confirmed that at simultaneous burning of several kinds of fuels installation of the flat-flame burners is the optimal.

     Here are following technical characteristics of the flat-flame burners developed by "Interenergo SPC":

       heat productivity - 5-90MW;

       fuel: blast-furnace gas, coke, natural, ferroalloy, converter gases and black oil (in one burner);

       air equivalence ratio - a = 1,03 - 1,05;

       a range of superheated steam temperature change - 60-1200С due to self-regulation;

       specific metal content 20-30kg/MW;

       an angle between the top and bottom nozzle - 60-1200;

       level of nitrogen oxides - 40-150mg/mm3.