L'vov city utility enterprise "L'vovteploenergo", heat and power plant-1, boiler made by "Borzig" st.№9, L'vov, Ukraine (2006)

Repair of the boiler of foreign manufacture

     Repair of a boiler with domestic water economizer replacement is executed. Execution of works on a boiler of foreign manufacture was a little complicated in connection with presence of design features of heating surfaces. The original technical decisions, allowed to provide reliability of a water economizer design and possibility of the further boiler operation are developed.

     All works are executed according to the standard documentation and Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation of steam and water-heating boilers. The made test of the basic indicators of a boiler technical condition has proved the accepted technical decisions.

     All complex of works is executed with a payment delay for 6 months, given to the equipment owner - Lvov city utility enterprise "L'vovteploenergo".

     During repair the following works were carried out:

·   manufacturing of water economizer coils;

·   manufacturing of water economizer fastening means;

·   manufacturing of screens, convective bunch pipes and steam bypass pipes;

·   manufacturing of water economizer overhead pipes;

·   assembling of again made boiler elements;

·   boiler repair (mid-life repair in typical volume);

·   manufacturing quality assurance (ultrasonic control, hydraulic tests).

     The executed commissioning works together with the operational personnel have confirmed quality of the executed boiler repair and its operational reliability. Measurements of the boiler operation indicators have produced positive results corresponding to the modern requirements, made to the given type of the equipment. Harmful emissions are also within norms, it has allowed receiving of inspectorate permissions to the further boiler operation. Boiler operation during the guarantee period (12 months) has proved the accepted technical decisions, and also quality of the executed repair-assembling works. There are no rejections in boiler operation within the specified period.

     During the same period we have replaced the main feed water pipelines (№ 1 and № 2) 219х8mm, 159х6mm at thermal power station-1.

     The executed complex of works has raised an operational reliability of the power equipment of Lvov thermal power station-1.