Seydishehir aluminium works "ETI ALUMINYUM", Turkey (2006)

Reconstruction of БКЗ-75-39 boilers (natural gas)

     Reconstruction of 3 boilers type БКЗ-75-39 with their transfer into two kinds of fuel (gas - black oil) is executed.

     Original decisions, allowed to provide the guaranteed nominal parameters of the boiler in three independent modes (on gas, on black oil, run on two fuels) are developed.

     At the same time all questions are solved and works on increase of level of boiler operation automation with modern devices application are performed.

Modern microprocessors type "MIK-51" of the Ukrainian manufacture (factory "Microl"), adapted to an existing system of boilers automation are applied. As a result of the executed complex of works the whole system of boilers automation (st.№1,2 and 4) on thermal power station has been brought to an operable condition.

     On each boiler 6 reconstructed burners are established on the frontal boiler panel. Design of burners foresees installation of the existing nozzles for supplying and burning of black oil as a reserve fuel. Boiler burners are located in two stages on 3 pieces, and three bottom ones are lighting.

     Gas pipelines are designed and built according to existing rules of the company "BOTASH" gas economy in Turkey.

     According to the specified rules boll cocks including ones with an electricity cable are established as sluices. Striking-safety device is foreseen for the burners striking.

     In burners a method of the central gas supply in a swirling air stream is used. Gas supply and feeding is carried out by a gas part which is fastened to an air duct by means of a flange.

     In connection with transfer of boilers into burning of natural gas, additional (second) steam cooler is developed and established on the saturated steam side and that is an original and untraditional decision. All processes of the superheated steam temperature regulation are completely automated, thus additional processes are thrown together in a uniform function circuit of boiler automation, including operation on two kinds of fuel.

Basic technical characteristics of БКЗ-75-39 boiler:




Boiler capacity

75 t/h


Operating pressure on the boiler exit

40 kgs/cm2


Operating temperature on the boiler exit



Thermal power rating of the burner

9,5 MW


Gas nominal pressure forward of the burner

25 kPa


Black oil nominal pressure forward of the burner

2 MPa

     Boiler operation during the guarantee period of 12 months, according to the external economic contract, has proved the accepted technical decisions.

     There are no disfunctions and operational failures.