Seydishehir aluminium works «ETI ALUMINYUM», Turkey (2006)

Calcination furnace reconstruction (natural gas)

     Reconstruction of the calcinations furnace №1 burning system is executed for the purpose of natural gas use (instead of black oil).

     Black oil was earlier used as a fuel for drying and calcination of an aluminium hydroxide in the rotating calcination furnace, thus the regulation process was carried out manually.

     «Interenergo SPC» CJSC has executed complex of works on reconstruction with installation of:

·         the natural gas inareal pipeline;

·         the component of natural gas pressure regulation to the furnace;

·         burning system for operation on natural gas and black oil;

·         the automated process control system of drying and calcinations of raw materials at operation on natural gas.

     Existing position in burning system became complicated because the furnace was reconstructed in 1991 by one of Turkish firms, thus the basic black oil burner was transferred on 40 m closer to a loading framework with its installation on a rotating surface of a drum. This design allowed increasing of the furnace productivity, but excluded possibility of a torch control in the basic burner that had risk of possible explosions at flame failure.

     At reconstruction of the burning system 3 burners have been established:

·         the basic one with an inlet gas pipeline Ø108х4mm;

·         initial heating burner with an inlet gas pipeline Ø57х3,5mm;

·         sparking (transportable) burner with an inlet stationary gas pipeline Ø22х2,5mm.

     During development of the gaseous fuel supply system several original devices have been developed, among them there is a gas supply rotary block on rotating furnace part. A new design of the burning device is developed for maintenance of furnace design capacity and demanded quality of production.

     Reconstruction of the calcination furnace burning system has proved the accepted technical decisions, having provided reliable operation of the furnace and production high quality.

     The basic technical characteristics of the basic burner:




Burner heat productivity

20 MW


Natural gas peak consumption

2500 m3/h


Natural gas pressure forward of the burner

1,5÷2,5 bar