Development of the project to replace the turbocharger Art. №3 for CHP PJSC "MK AZOVSTAL".

PJSC "SPE Interenergo" in 2012 execute the development of the detailed design to replace the turbocharger Art. Number 3 for CHP of PJSC "AZOVSTAL" with the installation of a new modern unit type TKA 5200/25, manufactured by "Nevsky Zavod" (Russia).

Detailed design is made in all parts, including the development of the section on the assessment of the effects on the environment, and has successfully passed the examination in the structures of Public Service Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine.

Implementation of the project at the steel plant "AZOVSTAL" will allow compression of air enriched with oxygen and its supply to the blast furnaces in the required quantity.

The project provides for the automated control of the turbocharger in different modes with the continuous surveillance, display, recording and documenting information.

The main technical parameters of the turbo unit type TKA 5200/25:

  • capacity of the steam turbine, the maximum - 26MVt;
  • steam flow to the turbine - 116t/h;
  • the compressor output- 5000m3/min.;
  • air pressure at the exit - 0.51 MPa (5.1 kgf/cm2);
  • rotating speed of the rotor - 3500 r/min.