"Dniproshina", Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2013
Reconstruction of steam supply system of tire production

A complex of "turnkey" works are made on reconstruction with steam supply system optimization of consumers.

Dictated by the need to work the following circumstances:

  • reducing the amount of steam consumers in the main production building;
  • the presence of significant heat loss due to changed production situation;
  • low efficiency of energy use;

To resolve these problems in the operation of steam supply system of production it was made a reconstruction by the developed project comprising:

  • the supply and installation of two PRDS (pressure-reducing desuperheating stations) 20 (1,6-230)/(0,9-190);
  • supply and installation of Pressure reducing stations 5-1,6/0,9- 230;
  • installation of a new steam jumper;
  • converting of steam supply system of main production building to one steam line (instead of two).

As a result of a range of works reduced heat loss of 1.8 Gcal/h, which was about 8-10%, mainly due to lower transportation costs for only one pair of the steam pipe.

Commissioning and adjustment works completed in February 2014, the results of the technical report issued.

Work on further optimization of power utilities continues.