"Dniproshina", Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2013.

Concept development and project to reduce energy costs in the production of primary products.

This work is a part of a complex of measures to bring in order the energy management of the plant and increase the efficiency of energy use in the manufacture of tires.

Implementation of this project consists of two parts:

1. Design work on the plant-wide systems:

  • replacement of deaerator DSA-100/50 on DSA-25/15 with renewal of feeding pumps;
  • modernization of the base stock of water storage (overheated and cooling);
  • modernization of communications of supply treated water, condensate and process effluents;
  • boiler renovation/reconstruction;
  • local boiler installation.

2. Modernization of technological equipment of channels:

  • change any connections Curing channel to communications;
  • use of modular installation cooking energy.

The project provides automatization of all processes.

Design work completed in the I quarter of 2014.

Implementation of this project until the end of 2014 will reduce energy consumption by half in manufacturing products.