"Mordova elektroteplosetevaya company" Ruzayevka, Republic of Mordovia, Russia, 2012.

Feasibility Study (FS) design of cogeneration plants construction based on existing boilers of the city.

The concept of building is developed on the base of existing moral obsolete boilers of modern energy centers with installing of cogeneration units, which will significantly increase the energy efficiency of heating networks especially in winter.

It is proposed a modernization of the 3 main boilers with an average return on investment for 3-4 years.

Boilers reconstruction has been planned with the creation of the infrastructure necessary for the normal operation of Cogeneration power Plants.

All the technical and economic calculations needed to justify the investments are carried out in a part of Feasibility Study.

Issues on maximum use of the existing set of equipment and heat boiler schemes that allow customers significantly reduce the cost of construction of the complex.