Development of project documentation for the construction of steam lines, "Mosenergo" OJSC, Moscow, 2011

Company PJSC "SPE Interenergo" successfully completed the development of project documentation of steam lines for their construction. Directly engaged in the development of assembly and assembly drawings, and specifications for them, steam calculations for strength with all the loading factors (pressure, weight, thermal expansion, etc.), with the expectation of compensation for thermal expansion, which can be implemented through self-compensation or by installing expansion joints, with the expectation of the vertical load on the weight of pipe filled with water and covered with insulation, and the efforts arising from the thermal expansion of the piping.

There were works on the following sites:

Steam pipe of the boiler. № 2 at TPP-26;

Steam line BROU140/13 TPP-21;

Steam pipe of the boiler. № 10 on the TPP-21;

Steam pipe OD of boilers. № № 3 ? 6 TPP-26;

Steam pipe OD of the boiler. № 1 TPP-26;

Steam line GLP TSBL CHP boiler № 4-26;

HPC turbine, steam pipes. № № 5 ? 6 TPP-12;

Steam line plot USC turbine. № 6 TPP-16;

Turbine, the steam pipe. № 6 TPP-16.