JSC "Ozeretsky Dairy Plant", village Ozeretskoe, Moscow region, Russia, 2013.

"Turnkey" gas piston cogeneration power plant (WTP IES) 8MW power.

Group "Interenergo" developed a comprehensive project for the construction of electric power 8MVt intended to generate electrical energy, saturated steam and heating system water for the needs of the plant. The delivery of basic equipment and implemented the first phase of construction works already were made.

GP CPP is made with the following composition of the main equipment:

  • gas-fired units MWM TCG20V20 container type - 4 pcs., unit of electrical capacity of 2 MW;
  • steam-heat boilers Aprovis SGCD-XX-1000-1800 / 4000-1H - 2 pcs.

This power plant is fully integrated into the existing electric industry companies and will provide the current needs of the plant, as well as the future development of the electricity production, process steam and hot water supply.

The station has the highest economic indicators in the field of energy efficiency and meets all modern requirements of construction of industrial power.