Project development and construction of an above ground gas pipeline (instead of underground gas pipeline) on “Scientific Production Association ”Pavlograd Chemicals Plant” PE.

PJSC "SPE Interenergo" performed in 2012-2013 by their own design a laying pipelines above ground (instead of pre-existing underground) for “Scientific Production Association ”Pavlograd Chemicals Plant” PE, consisting of:

  • Pipe section Dy200mm, 370m run;
  • Pipe section Dy65mm, 130m run.

This work was made to replace obsolete and worn-out pipeline sections, beyond the control of their condition because of the underground installation in place of pathways.

Project envisages the construction of gas pipelines in full compliance with current regulatory and technical documents (RTD):

  • DBN V.2.5-20-2001. Gas feeding;
  • Safety Rules of Gas feeding system in Ukraine.

In the construction of gas pipelines all the requirements of the detailed design and specification were satisfied.