Thermal oil systems

Being an official representative of the world famous manufacturer of thermal oil equipment company "Ascentec GmbH" we design and build "turnkey":

Х Direct fired heat carrier oil heater with different fuels such as natural gas, light heating oil EL, heavy oil and special fuels for mineral and synthetic heat transfer plants up to 405?C.

Х Special shapes, such as combinations of directly heated and exhaust gas boilers.

Х Waste-heat boiler according to bio mass heating, wood chips heating with special cleaning possibilities during running operation.

Х Waste-heat boiler for steam systems incl. safety plants and control.

Х Directly heated steam boilers/steam systems incl. safety plants and control.

Х Indirect steam generators, meaning steam systems for the expansion of thermal oil systems heated by heat carrier oil, for the steam requirement in the production, as well.

Х Production heaters with special heat carrier mediums, such as diphenyl steam.

Х Combined heating, cooling, secondary pumping systems.

Advantages of ASCENTEC thermal oil systems:

Х Easy system - pump pressure instead of steam pressure.

Х There is no need for an air-conditioning unit.

Х Without corrosion.

Х Without defrosting.

Х Heating, cooling - one device for all applications.

Х High reliability and long service life.

Х Without local overheating of consumers, simple control and regulation.

Х Central installation of the furnace and heater with high thermal efficiency.

Х Saving in operation. Low maintenance cost.

Х Easy fuel change due to standardized components.

Х Possibility of different temperature levels for consumers in one circuit (at low pressure).

Х Possibility of storing heat.