"Donetskstal'" CJSC - metallurgical works" (2006)

Evaporation cooling system repair

     Repair of the evaporation cooling system (ECS) of the blast furnace at metallurgical works is executed. All evaporation panels and also supply pipelines and pipe lateral are replaced. Drum-separator and all stop valves and control valves were repaired. During ECS repair pipelines and systems of their fastening, and also various fabricated metals have been made on our own.

     Natural gas pipeline on the air heater is restored and repair of the "pure" blast-furnace gas pipeline part is made. Renewal and strengthening of the fabricating metals is made.

     During ECS repair a special attention was paid to a drum-separator on which following kinds of works were carried out:

·         disconnection of the pipelines by bullnoses;

·         removal and repair of fittings, measuring devices and safety valves;

·         opening of hatches, clearing of a drum internal surface and its inspection;

·         repair of the revealed defects by welding and scrapping;

·         final assemblage, bullnoses removal and commissioning.

     During repair of the drum-separator and replacement of panels experts strictly were guided by the technical documentation developed by technical center "Energostal'", which is the head (specialised) organization for the given kind of equipment.

     Supply pipelines and pipe laterals were made and mounted according to Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation of Steam and Hot Water Pipelines.

     After finishing of the assembling the whole system was put to the hydraulic test which has confirmed quality of the executed works according to technical documentation requirements. After finishing of all works the blast furnace was put in operation. During an operation warranty period (12 months) there were no refusals, claims and reclamations from the customer.