Project development and construction of a gas pipeline for gas feeding to the solid waste recovery system on “Scientific Production Association ”Pavlograd Chemicals Plant” PE.

PJSC "SPE Interenergo" in 2012 drafted and provided the construction of the gas pipeline with the length about 2 km on the territory of “Scientific Production Association ”Pavlograd Chemicals Plant” PE .

Because of propagation conditions through the plant, its long distance an object can be classified as external medium pressure gas pipeline, with a total consumption of gas about 374.0 Nm3/h.

To reduce the pressure of natural gas for consumers, cabinet-type gas control point (CTGCP) with two lines reduction provided.

CTGCP completed with filter, gas pressure regulators, relief and shut-off valves, metering unit of natural gas and gas volume corrector.

Putting a gas pipeline into operation allowed the company to guarantee the recovery of fragments of the motor housing and solid-crumbs.

Simultaneously PJSC "SPE Interenergo" provides technical assistance and protection while the design review of the project in the state bodies, as well as the registration of the pipeline.