LLC "NPP Rubizhne", project documentation for the construction of the installation of thermal waste processing crude benzol, 2011

Company PJSC "SPE Interenergo" made the complex of works on designing, developing original designs, original equipment manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of the facility.

Detailed project envisages construction of the facility for thermal waste processing benzol with waste heat of the exhaust gases in the steam boiler.

The installation consists of two blocks. The structure of each unit includes: heat chamber, boiler, economizer, gas cleaning and traction-blowing machine.

Incineration of waste is provided in a heat chamber by own original designs. Heat chamber consists of a vertical cylindrical furnace and horizontal flue. Burner device located in the upper part of the furnace, and includes a burner for burning liquid wastes from crude benzene and gas burner. In the bottom of the heat chamber is fed waste liquors after washing and sulfuric acid tar process sulfuric acid cleaning. The high temperature of the solution is evaporated and melting solids. The melt is removed from the heat chamber and transported. Combustion products from a thermal camera superheater come into boiler.

To improve the efficiency of the gas cleaning hazardous waste incineration plants is organized in such a way that the sulfur-containing components of the mixture is burned in the heat chamber of one of the blocks, while the other unit in the heat chamber is fed a mixture of waste that does not contain sulfur. Combustion products do not contain sulfur are discharged through the bypass flue, passing gas cleaning.

To reduce the temperature of the combustion products before the waste heat boilers to provide the required level the recirculation of combustion products after economizers in furnaces.

The use of special burners own unique design allows for optimal combustion conditions in the waste.

Install provides with utilizers with steam output 8.5 t/h.

Maximum capacity of two units - 17t/h. Steam parameters P = 1.4 MPa, t = 250 C.

To make up for the loss of steam and condensate, in the normal operation of recovery boilers and steam generating the necessary quality and chemical water treatment envisaged deaerating-feed plant. Chemical water treatment is selected at full capacity of recovery boilers.

Specifications of the system:

1Utility wasteCrude benzene, top fraction of crude benzene, still bottoms, tar acid, alkali after the acid wash.
2Consumption of utility waste, kg/h1120
3Steaming capacity, t/h17,0
4Steam temperature, °C250
5Steam pressure, MPa1,3
6Flue gas temperature, °C120